🌐Xerial Global Wallets

This page provides access to user authentication, global inventory, and wallet information, streamlining your gaming experience.

Step into a smoother gaming experience with our Xerial Wallets. Unlike regular backend setups, you can access your gaming wallet easily via our social login system. Just log in using your social account to get authorized. It's that simple! This hassle-free process ensures you're quickly set up to dive into your games without any fuss. Enjoy the convenience and security of Xerial Wallets, designed to make your gaming journey seamless and stress-free.

Table of contents

  1. Get User Wallet: Get the user and wallet information associated to your xerial account.

  2. Get Global Inventory: Retrieve the NFTs of the your Xerial global inventory.

  3. User Authorization: Understand how to initiate and authorize transactions seamlessly.

  4. Logout: Disconnect from your Xerial account.

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