Build Your Account

How to create your custom infrastructure

First Step: Create your account here

2. Create your project

Form to customize your own account and create your white-label marketplace. It's 100% editable.

3. Receive your personalized dashboard

From here, you can modify and edit everything.

Summary of dashboard

  • Create store: Edit your marketplace and personalize it with your brand.

  • Create your products: Create your first in-game assets in NFT format.

  • My inventory: Place to view all your assets, assign prices, modify, delist, and relist them.

  • My wallet: Track all purchase and sale transactions. Visualize your entire monthly income.

  • Set up your domain: Assign your domain.

  • Set up your fee: Set the fees for secondary purchases (this is set in our smart contract, the commissions are what you decide).

  • Links to your social media profiles: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc.

4. Set up your domain

In the domain you only have to put your name and we will autocomplete it with

5. Select your fee

Royalties are the commissions that the game studio earns from all primary and secondary purchases and sales.

6. Connect your social media: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc

Your infrastructure is ready! Now let's start creating.

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