Inventory Manager

The InventoryManager class is responsible for managing inventory-related operations within Unity applications using the Xerial services.


It provides functionalities to retrieve project NFTs, transfer NFTs, and manage the projects NFT inventory.


using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using Xerial;

public class InventoryManager  
    // Implementation details


// Instantiate InventoryManager
InventoryManager inventoryManager = new InventoryManager();


/// Initializes a new instance of the InventoryManager class.

public InventoryManager()
    // Initialization of class members
     getNFTs = new GetProjectInventory();
     transferNFTRequester = new TransferNFTRequester();
     inventory = new NFTInventory();


  • getNFTs: An instance of the GetProjectInventory class responsible for fetching project NFTs.

  • transferNFTRequester: An instance of the TransferNFTRequester class responsible for requesting NFT transfers.

  • inventory: An instance of the NFTInventory class responsible for managing the NFT inventory.

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