Get Project Inventory

The endpoint "Get Project Inventory" allows you to retrieve the user NFTs attached



  • Method: GET

  • URL: /wallet/{address}/{chain}/project-inventory/{projectId}


  • address: (Path Parameter): Wallet address (string).

  • projectId: (Path Parameter): Project Id(string).

  • chain: (Path Parameter): Blockchain (string).


Success (Code 200)

    "collection": {
      "id": "65fd937063a8b7d03408a1c11"
    "quantity": 1,
    "metadata": {
      "name": "Example",
      "description": "Example serves as an enhanced account and game pass, providing a gateway to exclusive digital items. It enables users to securely save their gaming progress—including playtime, wins, and losses—on the blockchain, ensuring data integrity and security. Additionally, MemPass users receive exclusive benefits, enhancing their gaming experience.",
      "image": "",
      "externalUrl": "",
      "animationUrls": [
          "type": "video",
          "value": ""
      "attributes": [],
      "contract": {
        "address": "0x62219842c19fbDE8D70E03677AE03Ad614535007",
        "name": "Example",
        "symbol": "EXM",
        "image": "",
        "description": "Example \n\nTo progress through the game significantly, such as ranking up and saving players’ wins/losses in PVE, PVP, and Tournaments, possessing a MemPass NFT becomes essential within the Eternis game ecosystem.\n\nGateway to exclusive collectibles\n\nPlayers achieving specific playtime milestones, wins, and losses across various game modes will be whitelisted to mint FREE NFTs from different vaults, contingent upon the rarity of the MemPass NFT (BRONZE, GOLD, PLATINUM). This enables them to customize their characters body parts, gadgets, HP bars, VFX and other exciting features.\n\nAccount trading\n\nFor those interested in boosting their accounts and selling them as NFT assets, we provide a comprehensive infrastructure to facilitate this process. Propped-up MemPass NFTs will include ample incentives, enticing new players to make a purchase.",
        "externalUrl": ""
      "maxSupply": 500
    "tokenIds": [
  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value: An object containing the response for the user NFTs of the project in an object array.


  1. Send a GET request to the "Get Project Inventory"endpoint to obtain the items in the users wallet.

  2. Handle the response accordingly based on success, unauthorized access, forbidden access, not found, method not allowed, precondition failed, or internal server error.

Note: Ensure to get the studio address from your dashboard and you will receive the items for the given user address.

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