Xerial, for gaming developers looking to dive into blockchain technology.

Xerial offers a suite of blockchain and platform agnostic tools to let game developers create the best user experience for players and do what they do best - build amazing games.

Our products will help you interact with blockchain wallets, create different asset types, fungible and non-fungible (ERC20, ERC721) following the security standards by the Open Zeppelin library. As well as create and interact with smart contracts. While at the same time providing your users with an easy-to-understand interface.

Game SDK

Unity / Unreal SDK & LiveOps integrations to allow developers to build faster and with more flexibility.

  • Developer-centric design

  • Available for popular game engines

  • In-editor tools, no need to switch tabs

  • Backend Service Provider agnostic focus

Game Store

Create your own in-game marketplace, completely white-labeled with your own UX & UI.

  • API Solution

  • Multi-chain

  • Private sales

  • Support for USDC

  • Works with any wallet

  • Compatible with Stripe, Ramp, Transak, Circle, Moonpay

  • Integrated ledger for tracking player balances

NFT Tools

Be in full control of your NFT collection. Utilize our NFT tools to create, manage, distribute and secure your NFTs.

  • ERC20, ERC721 Token Standards

  • Support fungible and non-fungible

  • Custom metadata storage (cloud / IPFS / self-serve)

  • Enterprise mint-load capacity

  • Delayed minting β†’ Mint directly to buyer’s wallet

  • Collection minting β†’ Batch minting

  • Sign with Metatransactions - EIP 712


Seamlessly onboard players instantly and securely with our simple yet powerful wallet solutions.

  • Works on any browser

  • Suited for mobile

  • Premium B2C and B2B support

  • Built for security

  • Regulation compliant

  • Flexible and fully customizable

  • No downloads required

  • Available as an SDK (widget) or via API

  • Create wallets using email and social logins

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