Execute Custom Transaction

Endpoint allows you to execute a custom transaction on the specified blockchain. Use this endpoint to initiate transactions with custom parameters.



  • Method: POST

  • URL: /wallet/{address}/{chain}/transaction


  • address: (Path Parameter): Sender's wallet address (string).

  • chain: (Path Parameter): Blockchain (string). Available values: polygon.

Request Body

  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value:

        "type": "CONTRACT_EXECUTION",
        "to": "0xdc71b72db51e227e65a45004ab2798d31e8934c9",
        "functionName": "transfer",
        "value": 0,
        "inputs": [{
            "type": "address",
            "value": "0x80cbb6c4342948e5be81987dce8251dbedd69138"
        }, {
            "type": "uint256",
            "value": 73680000


Success (Code 200)

  "transactionHash": "0xe2e830fcc13af572c0cbe970e69c2ebd...b9984099a072709f1ee62305b"
  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value: An object containing the transaction hash for the successful custom transaction.

  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value: An error response indicating an internal server error.


  1. Send a POST request to the /api/wallet/{address}/{chain}/transaction endpoint to initiate a custom transaction.

  2. Include the required parameters and request body in the request.

  3. Handle the response accordingly based on success, unauthorized access, forbidden access, not found, method not allowed, or internal server error.

Note: Ensure the sender's wallet address and blockchain chain are valid. Verify the user's authentication status and permissions before initiating the custom transaction.

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