Get Wallets

The "Get wallets" endpoints allows you to fetch all wallets for a specific user.



  • Method: GET

  • URL: /wallet/{userId}

  • Field: Authorization

  • Value: Bearer + (Access token)


Success (Code 200)

      "id": "656ab9db6a378b91ab1871be",
      "address": "0x8e9DD3c1Db3254d968967CbC367542C343273629",
      "smartAccount": "0x8e9DD3c1Db3254d968967CbC367542C343273629",
      "custodial": true,
      "user": "5ebac534954b54139806c112"
  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value: An object containing all wallets of the user.


  1. Send a GET request to the /wallet/{userId}endpoint to retrieve user associated wallets.

  2. Handle the response accordingly based on success, unauthorized access or internal server error.

Note: Ensure the user is authenticated before making the request.

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