NFT Drop

The "NFT Drop" endpoint allows you to make a direct mint of a specified NFT to one or more specified wallet addressess.



  • Method: POST

  • URL: /nfts/{chain}/drop

Request Body

  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value:

  "nfts": [
           { "collectionAddress":"0x8a63860fF851bb1391a295dF717a3bD210eB2170",
              "tokenTypeId": 2,
              "quantity": 1,


Success (Code 200)

  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value: An object containing the response for the project data.


  1. Send a GET request to the / endpoint using the desired URL queries to filtter the collections data.

  2. Handle the response accordingly based on success, unauthorized access, forbidden access, not found, method not allowed, precondition failed, or internal server error.

Note: Ensure to get the studio address from your dashboard.

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