🏁Getting Started

Welcome to the Xerial Documentation Hub!

Onboarding with Xerial made easy!

We understand the importance of efficiency and a smooth onboarding experience. That's why we have developed the xDashboard specifically for you.

Xerial offers the xDashboard, which streamlines your onboarding process when integrating with our technical API/SDK blockchain products. You can register on the Business Portal and start a trial for any Xerial product.

To access our APIs, you first need specific credentials known as a ClientId and/or secret. These credentials, like a username and password, serve as your authentication mechanism, enabling you to authenticate and make API calls securely.

Account Registration

To get started, it is necessary to create an account on our xDashboard to gain access to Xerial`s suite of products.

The Business Portal automates your onboarding process, allowing you to register your company and generate the required clientId and/or secret for your business.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in with your Google account or email or Metamask

  2. Enter details about you and your business

  3. Start building your infrastructure

  4. Connect our APIs and SDKs

  5. Growth and Scale!

Intended Audience

Xerial products are for non-blockchain savvy companies that want to integrate web3 solutions like digital ownership, wallet solutions, and NFT minting without having to worry about all the blockchain complexities.

If your company is already operating in the Web3 space, you have the option to seamlessly incorporate our solutions either through API integration or by utilizing Web3 libraries. We support:

  • web3.js

  • ethers.js

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