Set Up Xerial Services

To configure XServices, proceed to the Inspector. In this section, carefully select your environment, input the project ID, and define the studio address.


In the Environment section, select either "Staging" for testnet projects or "Production" for mainnet deployments. This setting is mandatory, aligning Xerial's Unity SDK with your project's Blockchain Network.


In the Chain section, you can choose the blockchain network you wish to interact with for Xerial services. Options include Polygon, Kroma, and other EVM compatible networks. This selection is essential for aligning Xerial's Unity SDK with your project's chosen blockchain environment.

Project ID

In the Project ID section, input the unique identifier associated with your Xerials project. Obtain this Project ID from the Developers Dashboard, ensuring alignment between the SDK and your specific Project Enviroment.

Studio Address

In the Studio Address section, enter the wallet address from which your project was created. This address is essential for the configuration of Xerial's Unity SDK and establishes a direct link between the SDK and the Project Studio.


In this section, you'll designate the specific domain associated with your website on the dashboard. This selection ensures precise integration of Xerial services with your website's designated domain.

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