Transaction Proccessing

Explore essential transaction functionalities on the Polygon Network, including transferring Xerial NFTs, native currency, ERC20 tokens and executing custom transactions.

Table of Contents

  1. Transfer Xerial NFT: Effortlessly move your Xerial NFTs between wallets. Track the success of your transfer with a unique transaction hash.

  2. Transfer Chain Native Currency: Swiftly transfer native blockchain currency between wallets, providing liquidity and flexibility for your assets.

  3. Transfer ERC-20 Token: Efficiently manage diverse digital assets by transferring ERC-20 tokens on the Polygon blockchain.

  4. Primary Purchase Xerial NFT: Acquire Xerial NFTs effortlessly. Confirm your purchase with a unique transaction hash.

  5. List Xerial NFT: Showcase your Xerial NFTs on the marketplace effortlessly. Verify your listing with a transaction hash.

  6. Delist Xerial NFT: Withdraw Xerial NFTs from the marketplace seamlessly. Confirm delisting through a unique transaction hash.

  7. Send Custom Transaction: Tailor transactions to your specific needs. Validate success with a unique transaction hash.

Important Notes

  • Secure Your Transactions: Ensure that transaction data is transmitted securely over HTTPS.

  • Token Expiry: Be aware of transaction confirmation times. Utilize transaction hashes to verify and track your transactions.

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