Attribute Guide

Welcome to the Attribute Guide for the Xerial API. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of key attributes crucial for interacting with user information, transactions and NFTs.

Creating Standard Attributes for your game's NFTs

1. Type

  • Categories: Define overarching categories that capture the nature of the attributes, such as "Stat," "Property," or "Enchantment."

  • Exclusivity: Specify whether an attribute falls into a mutually exclusive category or can overlap with others, allowing for diverse combinations within an NFT.

2. Name

  • Avoid Specific Examples: Emphasize the importance of generic names to maintain flexibility and prevent potential confusion. Encourage developers to create names that convey the essence of the attribute without tying it to specific instances.

  • Thematic Consistency: Encourage the use of names aligned with the overall theme and lore of the game to contribute to the immersive experience.

3. Value

  • Descriptor vs. Numerical: Clarify when to use descriptors (e.g., "Common," "Rare") and when to employ numerical values. Establish a consistent approach, such as using descriptors for rarity and numerical values for quantifiable attributes.

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