Get Chain Native Currency Balance

The "Get Chain Native Currency Balance" endpoint allows you to retrieve the balance of the native currency associated with a specific wallet address on the specified blockchain.



  • Method: GET

  • URL: /wallet/{address}/{chain}/eth


  • address: (Path Parameter): Wallet address (string).

  • chain : (Path Parameter): Blockchain (string).


Success (Code 200)

  "balance": "1.2"
  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value: An object containing the native currency balance.

Internal Server Error (Code 500)

  "error": "Internal Server Error"
  • Media Type: application/json

  • Example Value: An error response indicating an internal server error.


  1. Send a GET request to the /api/wallet/{address}/{chain}/polygon endpoint to retrieve the native currency balance.

  2. Handle the response accordingly based on success or internal server error.

Note: Ensure the wallet address and blockchain chain are valid.

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